Finally! Salem gets it’s very own open mic!

Have you ever dreamed of being a stand-up comedian but had no idea where to start? It all starts with an open mic where you test your jokes out. Salem has been devoid of a comedy open mic with comics resorting to driving to Portland where there are at least 10 comedy specific open mics. But no longer!

It’s going to be at the Silver Spur on first and third Wednesdays directly after a booked comedy show. The Silver Spur is at 1821 Silverton Rd NE Salem, OR 97303. Comedy show at 9, open mic directly afterward. Of course these are all free + $1 PBRs and super cheap food specials.

In case you didn’t know, comedy is blowing up in Salem and Portland and Eugene. In tough economic times, booze and laughs go hand in hand. There are 6 shows in Salem in the month of April, this is unprecedented. Salem already has about 7 comics who work and get paid doing comedy.

Nervous? Inexperienced? 3 things I can recommend.

1. Find a comedy buddy, maybe someone who will write some jokes for/with you or even try their hand at comedy too. That’s what I did and it helps. Also, make sure your friends come watch, they already think you are funny and will laugh, when you are on stage getting laughs, it’s the greatest feeling ever.

2. There is an open mic at the Triangle Inn on Monday nights that isn’t comedy specific, but allows comedy. The crowd and hosts are really supportive and the risk of humiliation is slim to none. A great place to first try your hand. I also did this and it really helped. The Triangle is at 3215 Liberty Road South and the mic starts at 9.

3. The final thing I can suggest is take in as much stand-up as possible. Watch comedy central presents and the John Oliver New York Stand-Up Show.

The first open mic is April 6th at the Silver Spur, see you all there!