Brickwall Comedy Competition 2011

In Eugene for the first time ever there is comedy club. It’s call the Brickwall or “Green Room” and it’s next to Doc’s Pad downtown. Right now every Thursday there is a comedy competition going on at the club and last Thursdays at the bar/bowling alley/mini golf  “My Favorite Mistake”  in Albany and there has been 2 winners of the prelim so far that hail from Salem!

Erica Brimhall at Un-Manic Mondays

Last nights winner was Erica Brimhall a 22 year old comic who is one of the 2 comics to be spawned from Un-Manic Manic Monday’s, a recently started open mic at The Triangle Inn.

James O'Neil at Comedy is Free! #5

The first person from Salem to win was James o’Neil, who puts on the Stand Up at the Spur show at the Silver Spur in Silverton road. He’s the most experienced amateur from Salem.

Expect fierce competition with Eugene comics Seth Milstein, Stephanie Purtle and Charlie Prengaman also in the competition and a few weeks left for a couple more competitors to squeeze in.

Good job James and Erica. I’ve seen both of your guys comedy and I think you both have what it takes to win the whole thing!