Comedy Venues

Salem has 5 primary venues for comedy presently with (bi)weekly shows. For scheduling check out the Salem Comedy Calendar.

The Triangle

A dive bar (in the nicest of terms) with a nice stage and lots of heart. The show “Comedy is Free” takes place here here along with Salem’s longest running comedy open mic “Un-Manic Monday’s”.

The Lounge by Gilgamesh Brewery

A nice brewpub downtown with great beer and a great stage.

Elsinore Theater

It’s an old theater on the historic registry with a giant organ. Raven’s Flight creative is bringing some amazing shows and it’s something that greatly benefit’s this town.

Capitol City Theater

Improv lessons and weekend shows take place here I’m told. Family friendly I’m told.

The Shack

New bar, new show.

Duffy’s Hangar

Did comedy years ago, now hosts the Open Laugh Off!

Riverview Lounge



Defunct Venues:

Silver Spur

Comedy in a circle. A mechanical bull is present. Awesome food and drink specials. Home to Comedy at the Spur hosted by James O’ Neil.

Cafe Noir

Home to the You Funny Show hosted Jason Cramer, formerly by Ron Funches.

The Dugout

Technically Keizer, this sports bar supports comedy to the fullest. Thursday bi-weekly show and monthly Friday show brings Salem the closest experience to a comedy show in the mid valley.

Liberty Spirit

Andre Paradise hosted shows here in 2010-11