Ron Funches is on late night television and it’s not stupid human tricks…

Ron Funches is an anomoly for Salem, I don’t really think anybody in Salem has been on late night tv for something other than Letterman making fun of them for “stupid human tricks”. Maybe a band has some ex-Salem members but it’s a little known secret that Ron still lives here, sort of. Ron tends to spend a LOT of time doing comedy outside of Salem as any reader of this blog knows that Salem just doesn’t have the shows to sustain a headliner of Funches caliber.

I sent him an email, and here on the Salem Comedy Blog, I will share with you our private correspondence.

This must be a dream come true, can you think of a particular Conan experience that sticks out to you as a viewer?

Seeing Richard Bain’s Fart Car video gave me the first idea that it was possible for a Oregon comedian to be on late night tv. I always loved “In the year 2000” and the masturbating bear as well.

Having been on tv before, is there anything about the experience of doing tv that has surprised you? Are they going to put make up on Ron Funches?

Well I expect the experience of doing my first set on TV to be completely different from being a guy with no lines on Portlandia. I will probably wear make up yes.

Do you ever want to host a talk show? What would you put in your gift bag for stand ups?

What comic doesn’t want to at least once? I’d probably put pot and Jack in the Box gift certificates.

You played at the Wasteland about a week before they closed, how was that?

I loved it! I’m saddened to hear of it closing. Salem should support its artistic youth, and the Wasteland did just that. Sucks

You played at the first ever comedy show at the world famous Ground Kontrol Arcade, what other interesting places have you done comedy at?

Comic book stores, moose lodges, bowling alleys, banks converted into bars, you name it. Ground Kontrol was very special to me.

Would you like to give a shout out to anything, comedy or otherwise?

Shout out to the lady who told me to quit Grocery Outlet.

There you have it, Ron Funches will be on CONAN on Thursday August 4th, the TV show starts at 11. TBS is channel #55  on Comcast and on Directv it’s #247  and Dish Network it’s #139  . If you are at a bar at the time, make the bartender change the channel to TBS and watch the show with the whole bar. If you miss it we’ll try to have a video up soon.